Virtek Celebrates Production of Ten Thousand Laser Projectors Worldwide

Virtek Vision International Inc.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014Categories: Laser Templating, Quality Control Inspection, Spatial Positioning System


Virtek Vision International Inc., a market leader in laser templating and laser inspection technology for multiple industries, reached a milestone in November with production of its 10,000th laser projector. The Virtek LPS 7 series projector has advanced scanning technology that optimizes laser images for improved visibility and produces higher quality projection patterns enabling users to work more effectively.

Vice President & General Manager, Todd Rhodes, said, “We are excited about this milestone and accomplishment by the entire team at Virtek. We are also very pleased with the new global market penetration and rapid growth in the last six years, since we joined Gerber Technology. The response from our global community for laser projection has been overwhelming, and we are truly humbled that customers continue to recognize our strong heritage and passion for quality and innovation. We look forward to unveiling many new advancements in the future to continue to enable our customers to be successful in their businesses.”

Celebration of the production milestone occurred locally at the Waterloo, Ontario, Town Hall meeting Dec. 12, as well as a global celebration for employees from Virtek headquarters. This event joins several other milestones in Virtek’s history to name a few: hosting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the company’s Waterloo headquarters; the company’s involvement in the U.S. government’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program; and earning the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, recognition of innovation at the highest level. This unit will be signed by all of the company’s team members, and then displayed at their Waterloo, Ontario, headquarters.

Virtek’s products, including the LaserEdge® laser templating system, have been used to build carbon fiber composite parts for virtually all aerospace programs that use composite technology. Additionally, theLaserQC®, which inspects parts in just seconds, has become the benchmark for speed and accuracy. The TrussLine® laser projection system reduces set up and changeover time by up to 70 percent and increases productivity by up to 25 percent making pre-fabricated wood and steel truss manufacturing so easy. The Iris™ Spatial Positioning System one of Virtek’s latest technologies enables manufacturers to project laser templates 360 degrees around even the largest parts. Virtek currently holds over 40 patents on the use of lasers for part assembly and quality control processes.

Virtek has set the standard for reliability and usability in laser templating through its ease of doing business mentality. Their motto, “Engineered Simplicity,” demonstrates their approach in assisting manufacturing processes worldwide by providing greater efficiencies that decrease production time and ultimately boost the bottom line.

About Virtek
Virtek Vision International Inc. is the global leader in high-precision laser templating, and quality inspection systems, providing exceptional expertise and engineering for manufacturers around the world. The Virtek name has become synonymous with precision, reliability, and innovation. Founded in 1986, and today a part of Gerber Technology, Virtek is based in Waterloo, ON, Canada, and has offices in the USA, across Europe and in Asia. Serving aerospace carbon fiber composite part assembly, sheet metal part fabrication, and heavy metal assembly and construction markets. Our tailored technology solutions featuring LaserEdge®, LaserQC®, Iris™, and many others, give customers the competitive edge needed to succeed in their fields.

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