Helpful Tips and Tricks for AccuMark Users

mercredi, janvier 22, 2014Catégories: Blog, CAO, Logiciels

AccuMark Pattern Design Software Tip of the Day emails offer users a way to learn about new functions and tricks within the system to improve workflow.  We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most watched “Tip of the Day” videos, courtesy of Gerber’s YouTube channel: GerberTechVideo.

10. Exporting User Settings

undefinedThe Preferences, Screen Layout and Custom Toolbars can be saved as a file using the Export User Settings icon found on the Pattern Processing page of the Launch Pad. To save your settings, double click the icon. Type in a name for the file and specify a location. Click Save. Your user settings will be kept in this file and can be restored at any time using the icon for Import User Settings. Watch Video

9. Import Zip

The Import Zip function in the File menu of the AccuMark Explorer can be used to import AccuMark data from zip files. During importing, you can select to import all the items or selected items from the zip file. Watch Video

 8. Copy and Paste from Grade / Measure

The contents of the Grade / Measure charts can be copied and pasted into other programs, such as Microsoft Excel. Watch Video


7. Edit Notch Info

The Edit Notch Info command, found in the Edit Menu, can be used to change the notch type, grade rule, point number or attribute assigned to a notch. For reference notches, the distance to reference measurement can also be edited using this function. Watch Video

6. Editing the Marker Making Toolbar

Double click the gray area of the toolbar in Easy Making to add or delete icons. Watch Video

5. Right Click and Drag to Move or Copy

Right-clicking and dragging data items in the AccuMark Explorer will give you the option to copy or move the items to the new location. Watch Video

4. Line Types and Labels

To display the line types or labels on a particular piece, go to View / Line / Types and Labels. The label will appear near the lines. Watch Video

undefined3. Digitizing from Images

AccuMark 8.5.1 Pattern Design Software has the ability to create pattern pieces from a digital image. Pattern pieces are placed on a special mat and an image is taken with a regular digital camera. The AccuScan software is used to convert the image into AccuMark pattern pieces. A local Gerber sales representative can provide information to add this software to your existing AccuMark. Watch Video


2. Creating Draft Pieces

The option Create Draft Piece, found in the right click menu on Digitize Line, will allow lines to be drawn without having a piece on the work area first. To make the group of lines into a valid piece, the commands Piece / Create Piece / Trace or Draft / Draft Trace can be used. Watch Video

undefined1. Fill Placed Pieces

The 'Fill Placed Pieces' option, found in the Settings menu of Marker Making, will fill in the placed pieces with color when checked. Uncheck this option to show the placed pieces in wire frame. Watch Video