Gerber Technology Supports New York City’s Fashion Manufacturing Initiative

Local apparel manufacturing companies expand business opportunities through use of advanced technology

lundi, avril 21, 2014 Catégories: Mode et Habillement, CAO, Logiciels

Gerber Technology is proud to support the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)’s Fashion Manufacturing Initiative (FMI) with a donation of hardware systems and AccuMark® 9.0 software. FMI is in affiliation with the New York City Economic Development Corp. 

Gerber Technology lance le logiciel d'imbrication automatisée AccuNest Multi-Core

Il offre une meilleure utilisation des matériaux (jusqu'à 2 %) par rapport aux systèmes d'imbrication automatisée standard

mardi, avril 15, 2014 Catégories: Mode et Habillement, CAO, Logiciels

Gerber Technology annonce le lancement du logiciel AccuNest™ Multi-Core (MC) pour un placement automatisé. Le logiciel AccuNest MC exploite plusieurs processeurs informatiques afin d'imbriquer automatiquement des placements pouvant offrir une meilleure utilisation des matériaux (jusqu'à 2 %) par rapport aux systèmes d'imbrication simple cœur. Il offre une évaluation des coûts plus précise tout en optimisant l'utilisation des matériaux et en réduisant les coûts de main-d'œuvre.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for AccuMark Users

mercredi, janvier 22, 2014 Catégories: Blog, CAO, Logiciels

AccuMark Pattern Design Software Tip of the Day emails offer users a way to learn about new functions and tricks within the system to improve workflow.  We've compiled a list of the top 10 most watched "Tip of the Day" videos, courtesy of Gerber's YouTube channel: GerberTechVideo.

Beyond Points and Lines – Choosing the Right Pattern Design Software

lundi, octobre 8, 2012 Catégories: Mode et Habillement, Blog, CAO, Logiciels

Pattern design software offered by most companies meets the minimum criteria. It enables the pattern designer to create and modify patterns. However, the best systems are easy to learn, easy to use on a daily basis, contain powerful time-saving functions that drastically improve productivity and are supported by professionals who understand what is required to output a pattern that will succeed in production. Beyond individual features and functionality, what else should you consider before making a pattern design software purchase?

The Competitive Advantages of CAD-PLM Integration

mercredi, septembre 12, 2012 Catégories: Mode et Habillement, Blog, CAO, PLM, Logiciels

Many designers operate in different CAD environments. Data exchanges between CAD (computer-aided design) and PLM (product lifecycle management) software are not always smooth and sometimes impossible. But there are significant advantages to be realized when CAD and PLM systems are tightly integrated.