Hansen Protection Selects YuniquePLM to Streamline Development and Manufacturing

Visibility and user-friendly interface drive decision

martes, abril 22, 2014 Categorías: Ropa y Moda, PLM, Software

Hansen Protection, a leader in protective clothing and life jackets for seafarers, has chosen Gerber Technology’s YuniquePLM® product lifecycle management solution to manage the design, development and manufacturing of its product lines.

FiNN FLARE Implements YuniquePLM for Enhanced Line Creation, Pricing and Reporting

martes, abril 1, 2014 Categorías: Ropa y Moda, PDM, PLM, Software

FiNN FLARE, one of the largest Russian brands of casual and active wear, has implemented Gerber Technology’s YuniquePLM to enhance productivity and efficiency. The company's retail network is comprised of 111 stores in Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as 63 franchised stores.

PLM – Make the Best Choice.

Implement it Right.

viernes, febrero 22, 2013 Categorías: Ropa y Moda, PLM

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a business strategy that is steadily gaining wide acceptance amongst apparel brands and retailers. Companies that have been early adopters of PLM have been able to see significant reductions in new product introduction lead times, and reap more profits. Selecting the best-fit PLM solution and then implementing it in your organization looks to be the obvious choice, but making this decision is not easy.

The Competitive Advantages of CAD-PLM Integration

miércoles, septiembre 12, 2012 Categorías: Ropa y Moda, Blog, CAD, PLM, Software

Many designers operate in different CAD environments. Data exchanges between CAD (computer-aided design) and PLM (product lifecycle management) software are not always smooth and sometimes impossible. But there are significant advantages to be realized when CAD and PLM systems are tightly integrated.