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Virtek LTG

Laser projection with Virtek Laser Template Generator (LTG) for pre-cast concrete

It’s the next generation of laser projection for manufacturing pre-cast concrete slabs and walls.

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The Virtek® LTG (Laser Template Generator) system for pre-cast concrete projects a laser template onto the work surface of the concrete slab to be built. It accurately shows where to place forms and reinforcements as well as lifting and attachment points eliminating the need for measuring, squaring and stringing.

Cut setup time in half.
With the Virtek LTG system, there’s no need to refer to blueprints or use a measuring tape, so even the most complicated slabs can be set up and built quickly -- reducing setup time by up to 70 percent

Visualize the finished product.
The Virtek LTG system projects the concrete slab or wall as well as location of wiring, piping, doors and windows with accuracy of ±1.6mm (1/16 inch). Workers are able to visualize the completed concrete component, including how it fits into the form, before they begin production.

Lower per unit cost.
Produce multiple or one-of-a-kind concrete walls or slabs quickly and easily. Increasing capacity and efficiency for much lower per unit costs.