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The Sky is the Limit.
Rely on us to help accelerate the aerospace composite layup and assembly process with Iris™ 3D with the NEW Vision Positioning System (VPS).
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In the words of the user: Green Marine
"When we first saw the Virtek laser projection system, its ease of use was immediately apparent."
Technical Director, Green Marine
Green Marine
In the words of the user: Unitech Composites
"For some complex parts, with complicated geometries requiring dozens of partial plies located with greater precision, using a ply- locating template would be impractical or impossible. It would have been very difficult to build EMARSS parts without the Virtek LaserEdge system. By eliminating the use of physical templates, productivity of the layup process improves by as much as 50 percent."
Engineering Manager, Unitech Composites
Unitech Composites
In the words of the user: Weldall, USA
"With Iris, we haven’t had one location reject, we’ve improved efficiency between 20 and 60 percent, depending on the size and complexity of the part, and it’s been 100 percent accurate,"
Operations Manager, Weldall, USA
Weldall, USA
In the words of the user: Kinkele
"We are constantly looking for ways to improve our efficiency and reduce costs for our customers. Automation is a natural progression for us and the time we now need to locate parts on large assemblies contributes significant cost to the final product and is a natural target."
Technical Controller, Kinkele
Kinkele GmbH
In the words of the user: Komatsu
"We were looking for a laser templating system to eliminate significant costs associated with the creation, replacement, and storage of our current physical templates. Engineering changes now take minutes, not weeks to hit the production floor."
Senior Tool Design Engineer, Komatsu
In the words of the user: Salem Metal Fabricators, Inc.
"The fastest way to get to 100 percent inspection of a part. We needed a system that could perform accurate first article and in-process inspections, was easy to use and – most importantly – fast."
President, Salem Metal Fabricators, Inc.
Salem Metal Fabricators, Inc.
Achieve Quality and Accuracy with 2D and Formed Part Inspection
Perform accurate first article and in-process inspections with a non-contact precision inspection system that employs lasers to capture more than 500 data points per second easier and – most importantly – faster.

“The Virtek LaserQC is the fastest way to get to 100 percent inspection of a part.” - Salem Metal Fabricators
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Virtek® Simplifies Complex Production Processes for Aerospace Manufacturing

Virtek demonstrates the Vision Positioning System (VPS) at booth N78 during JEC World. With a smaller, faster scanning system, improved portability, and FlashAlign™ — a new feature eliminating manual target alignment — Iris 3D with VPS reaffirms Virtek’s position as the global leader in laser technology. 

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