AccuMark Training Courses

AccuMark® Training Courses are held at Gerber Technology’s offices and select courses are offered at the user’s location.

AccuMark Foundation Courses

CourseTopics CoveredCourse Length

AccuMark Grading and Marking (AMGMS)

Prerequisite: none
  • Set up and customization of all basic tables
  • Basic grading
  • Digitizing patterns into the system
  • Plotting pattern pieces
  • Setting up models
  • Ordering markers
  • Marker making
  • Marker plotting
  • Cut file generation for automated cutters
  • General system maintenance

4 1/2 days (36 hours)

AccuMark Pattern Design (AMPDS)

Prerequisite: none
  • Creation and modification of pattern pieces in the system through manipulation of points, lines, notches, etc.
  • Digitizing or drafting of paper patterns or muslins

4 1/2 days (36 hours)

AccuMark Core

Prerequisite: none
  • Basic pattern manipulation
  • Basic grading
  • Basic digitizing
  • Basic marker making
  • The class is conducted using standard data (not customer data).
  • Set up of tables and customization of settings is not discussed.
  • Advanced and specialized features are not discussed.

5 days (40 hours)


AccuMark Advanced Functionality Courses

CoursePrerequisiteCourse Length

Data Management and Pattern Input

Pattern Design


Marker Making





AMPDS, AMGMS or AccuMark core course 1 day (8 hours)